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Divine Counterparts Speak in the Silence – Divine Masculine Divine Feminine Oracle Deck



Divine Counterparts oracle deck for Divine Masculine-Divine Feminine counterparts currently in separation or challenge. Conversation/dialogue oracle deck to find out what each counterpart is thinking, feeling, and going through in the silence or separation. Full, longer description below.


Product description

Are you a divine counterpart? These oracle cards are designed for twin flame and soul mate relationships, divine counterparts, that are currently in separation or challenge.

This is a conversation oracle deck between divine counterparts, Divine Masculine, Divine Feminine energies.

> Two Divine Counterpart oracle decks. This is a double deck 2 DECKS (shown in the pictures as front and back)TAROT SIZE

> 80 cards total, 40 Divine Masculine (white) and 40 Divine Feminine (black)

>Shrink wrapped, packaged in a sheer organza drawstring bag, no box

This double deck is TAROT SIZE printed in high-quality card stock with a beautiful, silky smooth satin finish.

Your decks are shrink wrapped and come in a sheer organza drawstring bag.

This is a dialogue deck (conversation oracle deck), and the cards speak for themselves, so no instruction booklet is necessary. Use with tarot or other oracles for clarification or by themselves in a Divine Masculine – Divine Feminine reading.

If you are a tarot card reader, oracle card reader, etc., you will find these a wonderful addition to your readings.

If you are a divine counterpart in separation – divine masculine or divine feminine energies – you will find these decks very helpful to understanding your divine counterpart’s thoughts, feelings, and emotions, and your situation.

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