Product description

Twin Flame Oracle Deck Bundle – Divine Feminine Healing and Divine Masculine Healing – The Twin Flame Journey to Union. TWO DECKS. One DM and one DF.

> 2 oracle decks
> Both Tarot size
> No box
> Each deck is shrink-wrapped
> Packaged in sheer organza drawstring bags
> 44 cards in DM and 40 in DF deck / 84 cards total

Two Twin Flame Oracle decks. Both Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies reside within us. These two powerful decks will help you on the healing journey to twin flame union. Use these decks as a guide to what your Divine Feminine and/or Divine Masculine is feeling, thinking, and going through on the healing journey to union.

As well, Use both these decks to balance the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies inside you. Use these twin flame decks to help bring you into the space of Divine Feminine / Divine Masculine union on this twin flame journey. As a reader, use these decks to help your Divine Feminines and Divine Masculines on their journey to union.

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