Product description

Twin flame decks: Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine Speak From the Heart: Mirroring Dialogue Decks: For Lovers, Soulmates, & Twinflames – VOLUME 2 – double deck. This is a best-selling twin flame deck – double deck.

You do NOT need to have Vol. 1 for these to give you an effective, truthful reading.

> TAROT size
> Two twin flame decks
> 88 cards total

White = M (yang energies)
Black = Female (yin energies)

Not gender specific.

Volume 2 is TWO 2 tarot size decks. These 2 decks, designed for those twin flame, soul mate, or divine counterpart relationships CURRENTLY IN SEPARATION OR CHALLENGE, come 2 decks to a package.

A total of 88 cards.

One deck is the Divine Feminine speaking (black) and the other is the Divine Masculine speaking (white). Cards are regular tarot size.

Satin finish for easy shuffling. High quality card stock. There are 44 cards to each deck, a total of 88 cards in VOLUME 2.

The cards come in a soft organza drawstring bag for easy storage. no box, no instruction booklet. These are dialogue decks. They “speak.”

Combine with tarot as clarifiers or use alone.

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