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Twin Flame Mirror Deck – Secret Messages From Your Person Oracle Deck for Twin Flames



One of our best-selling twin flame decks. Designed to help with twin flame relationships that are in separation or challenge. What is your person thinking, feeling, going through? Full, longer description below.


Product description

Twin Flame Mirror Twin Flame Deck – Oracle Deck by Dyan Garris

One of our best-selling twin flame decks

>68 twin flame oracle cards
>Tarot size
>Very high quality card stock for easy shuffle
> Shrink wrapped, packaged in a sheer organza bag. No box
> Twin Flame Dialogue deck. No instruction booklet. This is a conversation deck.
> For Twin flames or soul mates currently in challenge or separation
> What is your twin flame thinking/feeling? Going through? And where to from here?

The twin flame journey can be confusing, especially in times of separation. This oracle deck will help you understand what is really going on in your connection even in the silence or separation.

These twin flame oracle cards are particularly helpful when used with regular tarot cards, other oracle decks, or just by themselves. You can use them as clarifiers if you wish. If you are a tarot card reader, oracle card reader, etc., you will find these a wonderful addition to your readings.

I designed these cards for twin flames relationships in separation or challenge, but they can also be used effectively for soul mate connections as well. Both men and women will find these twin flame messages helpful. They are not gender specific.

This is one of our most popular, best-selling twin flame decks.

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