Product description

What now divine masculine? Oracle deck for twin flames. What happens in the twin flame journey relationship after the separation ends? Where does the twin flame relationship go from here? What is on the Divine Masculine’s mind? What is he thinking and feeling? What are his intentions now for this twin flame relationship?

“What Now Divine Masculine? After the Separation Ends – Messages of Love to the Divine Feminine.” What happens in twin flame relationships when the separation finally ends?

Now it’s time for the relationship to elevate to higher levels. Finally. The DM is ready to get serious. Find out what he’s thinking, feeling, and intending. How will he move this relationship forward?

This 52 card oracle deck will help you with your DM’s thoughts, feelings, emotions, and direction for what comes next. What’s he thinking? Feeling?

Use this twin flame deck alone or with tarot or other oracles for an uncannily accurate reading to find out what happens now with your twin flame.

>52 card oracle deck

Tarot size
> High quality card stock
> Easy shuffle
> Shrink wrapped
> Packaged in a sheer organza bag
>Messages from the Divine Masculine to the Divine Feminine

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